TPLO saw / Airdrill vetalfatec Medical Powertools

Air Drill with different attachments. Alfatec drill with TPLO saw for the veterinary field we have the TPLO saw with different saw blades in different radius and length. We offer them a versatile accessories for various medical applications. The Airdrill attachments are quickly replaceable and durable with a free service. All accessories are sterilizable in autoclave.

tplo Airdrill


Air Drill Ref. No: 14-800 / TPLO Saw

Operating pressure: min 6bar, max 8,5 bar
Speed: 0-950 r/min stepless left and right
Cannulated: 3,2 mm
Air consumption: 220 l/min
Max torque: 6 Nm
Noise: 70 dB