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DIN Chuck

Ref. Nr. 14-864

Harris Chuck

Ref. Nr. 14-866

Wire Driver

Ref. Nr. 14-841


Oscillating saw

Ref. No: 14-836

We offer them a versatile accessories for various medical applications. The Airdrill attachments are quickly replaceable and durable with a free service. All accessories are sterilizable in autoclave. For the veterinary field we have the TPLO saw with different saw blades.

tplo Airdrill

Air Drill Ref. No: 14-800 / TPLO Saw

Operating pressure: min 6bar, max 8,5 bar
Speed: 0-950 r/min stepless left and right
Cannulated: 3,2 mm
Air consumption: 220 l/min
Max torque: 6 Nm
Noise: 70 dB

High Torque Reamer


High Torque Reamer Ref. No: 14-834

With AO-Connector
Weight: 380g
Speed: 220 rpm
Power: 16 Nm

Quick Action Chuck


Quick Action Chuck for drill wires

Ref. No: 14-842

Cannulation Diameter 3,2 mm
Wire Diameter 0,8 mm - 3,2 mm

Din Chuck

DIN Chuck Ref. No: 14-864

Harris Chuck

Harris Chuck Ref. No: 14-866

Hudson Chuck

Hudson Chuck Ref. No: 14-868

Sternum saw

Sternum saw Ref. No: 14-837

Oscillating saw

Oscillating saw Ref. No: 14-836

wire driver

Wire driver Ref. No: 14-841

Jacobs Chuck TPLO

Jacobs Chuck Ref. No: 14-830

Up to 6.5 mm cannulated

Key for Jacobs Chuck TPLO

Key for Jacobs Chuck Ref. No: 14-831


AO Chuck Ref. No: 14-862